Enzyme Solutions for Wastewater Treatment

Our innovative and creative approach to wastewater treatment will help prevent strain on your current infrastructure.

Innovative Enzyme solutions

Our enzymes based solutions effectively break down contaminants  and increase the output quality of wastewater treatments without the use of harmful chemicals

Over 20 years of expertise

Established more than 20 years ago, B E G formulate enzyme based products for a multitude of industry sectors. (Agriculture, Aquaculture, Brewing, Coal Production, Dairy Products,etc...) 

We pride ourselves in our technical expertise and are praised for our customer support. 

Our enzymes based solutions effectively break down waste and increase the quality of wastewater output without the use of harmful chemicals. 

 Our treatment products contain specially selected enzymes that work quickly to improve wastewater treatment system efficiency over the long term.

Our products can demonstratively: 
  • Improve treatment system efficiency
  • Reduce odor
  • Reduce sludge volume
  • Improve the clarity of ponds
  • Reduce COD (chemical oxygen demand)
  • Improve effluent water quality more consistently
  • Reduce foaming

  • Improve hydrocarbon degradation

  • Remove fats and grease

Our product catalogue contains several ready-to-use formulas and waste treatment products, but our experts can also can formulate products specifically for your need. Contact us today to find out more

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No problem too big or too small this is the little enzymes that could, so don't delay!